Our modern orthodontic braces use a series of wires to control movements during alignment. You will feel less friction and more comfort compared to traditional braces. Results will be seen quicker, which means decreased treatment time for you.

Adults and teens who choose to perfect their smile with braces tend to have higher self confidence leading them to achieve great things in life. Child Braces

braces for teens

Your options

We offer silver or clear ceramic braces with the option to add colorful elastics.

How do I know if I need braces?

If you notice that your teeth are crowded (even just a little bit), not straight, it's difficult to bite or chew, or it is uncomfortable to speak, you may need braces. 

Contact us to set up your free consultation to see what the best treatment plan is for you. 

Are braces for me?

Whether you are a child, teen or an adult, modern braces are a smart, low-maintenance option for straightening your teeth and correcting your bite allowing for healthier teeth, gums, and facial muscles and bone structure.

What if I play sports?

All three of our locations in OKC and Edmond, OK offer mouth guards to protect your teeth and your mouth from the braces. 

Whether you are a teen or adult, please ask us about mouth guards for any athletic activity.