Smile Essentials Clear Aligner Treatment


Love your smile at a price you can afford.

Improve your smile with Invisalign® clear aligners for only $2495 (or as low as $55 a month) in 6 months or less!

Your smile will be evaluated and you will have access in person to Oklahoma's leading, board-certified orthodontists and Invisalign providers throughout treatment.

Everyone deserves a smile they love. A confident smile is essential for your health and happiness. 

Orthodontic Associates' newest Smile Essentials® treatment option using Invisalign clear aligners is designed to give you straighter teeth at an affordable price in 6 months or less. Maybe you have some crowding that you'd like to fix, because you didn't wear your retainer. Or maybe you just want to fix that little gap that stares at you every morning.

Why hide your smile? Smile Essentials is the most affordable clear aligner treatment program using the best aligner material on the market while giving you access to Oklahoma's leading Invisalign providers. Our doctors train other orthodontists locally, nationally and worldwide. Choose the best to help you create a smile you will love. 

About Smile Essentials:

  • Invisalign clear aligner treatment for 6 months or less with 13 aligners or less
  • $2,495 upfront or monthly payments as low as $55 a month
  • Insurance accepted along with HSA or FSA reimbursement
  • Monthly payment plans available, if needed
  • Customized smile simulation
  • Attachments for more precise movement
  • Minimal, shorter office visits 
  • Receive all aligners at once
  • Available for adults, teens and pre-teens
  • Add ons available:
    • Additional rounds of refinements
    • Retainers
    • Appointments (more than required)
    • Virtual house-calls with an orthodontist available


Smile Essentials vs Mail Order Aligners:  

If you are considering mail order aligners, please keep in mind that it is our professional opinion that straightening your teeth is safest when your whole mouth, teeth and bite are evaluated in person by an experienced and trained orthodontist. As you’ll see below, all aligner treatments are not the same. Smile Essentials uses the industry leading Invisalign clear aligners to ensure you will love your smile!

*Attachments are tooth-colored ridges that are placed on specific teeth to help teeth move more effectively. They put force on the right spots helping the aligners move your teeth better and faster. 

*SmartTrack materials, made from Align Tech, makes the aligners more comfortable, a better fit, and easier to insert and remove than aligners made from off-the-shelf material.