What Does it Mean to be a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider and a Top 10 Provider of Invisalign Teen?

Posted on 05/20/2018

diamond plus provider

Invisalign ranks Orthodontic Associates as a Diamond Plus Provider and a Top 10 Provider for Invisalign Teen treatment out of 9,000 orthodontists nationally. But as a patient you might be wondering, what does all that mean?

Simply put, it means that we treat the highest amount of Invisalign patients, adults and teens, each year as a private practice and are considered by Invisalign among the most experienced orthodontists in the country. Dr. Power showing adult patient how to use Invisalign

Just like any skill, you must practice to get better. The more patients we treat as a team, the better we get and the more we learn. 

Invisalign Adult Patient

We are the only practice in the state of Oklahoma that is ranked as a Diamond Plus Provider for Invisalign treatment. We have treated over 2,000 Invisalign patients, which is the most in the state of Oklahoma for a privately-owned practice. 

And as a practice with five doctors who work as a team, we treat more patients and collaboratively learn from each other every day. We are proud of the knowledge we share to better the confidence and smiles in our community.

Contact us today to set up your first free appointment to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Can't wait to meet you!


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