Orthodontics for Children in Edmond, OK

Orthodontics for Children and Teens

As your child grows and develops, he or she should see a doctor who specializes in orthodontics for children.  Like any part of their body, a child’s mouth is an important part of their health and should be carefully tracked as the bones develop. Orthodontic Associates can help your child grow up with a set of straight, healthy teeth.

Growth and Development Visits

Growth and development visits with a children’s orthodontist should begin at the age of seven. During this time, your child’s teeth and skeletal structure will be continually changing and can therefore require treatments to correct. It is far better to find any orthodontic problems earlier in a child’s life than later.

Throughout growth and development visits we can also help identify bad oral habits, like thumb-sucking, dependence to pacifiers past age one and tongue thrust habits. These habits past a very young age can become damaging to your child's teeth and oral bite. 

Given time, problems with your child’s teeth will only become worse and possibly more serious. We make it easy to bring your child in for regular growth and development visits. We do not even charge for these visits unless treatment is required.

Child visiting our children orthodontist near Moore, OK

Teen Orthodontics

Once your child is old enough, Invisalign treatment may be something to consider. These transparent braces slowly and comfortably align a patient’s teeth without being visibly noticeable. Many teenagers and adults have benefited from this new technology.

We offer many other teen orthodontic treatments as well, and we will recommend the best orthodontic options available when you come for a visit. We only offer the best orthodontics for children of all ages.

Child Orthodontics

Convenient Locations

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Your child should always enjoy a happy and healthy smile—our doctors would be happy to help.