Meet Our Orthodontists

Our five orthodontists who serve OKC and Edmond, OK

Knowledge and Experience

With a wide range of board-certified orthodontic experience, Dr. Brian Amy, Dr. John Archer, Dr. Geoff Sparks, Dr. Justin Power and Dr. Ryan Theobald offer a unique set of orthodontic skills, interests and backgrounds giving patients the highest quality and diverse level of service. All five doctors work as a team developing patient treatment plans, sharing best practices with each other and sharing patients.


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Orthodontist Dr. Brian Amy

Dr. Brian Amy

Dr. Amy feels honored to play a role in increasing the confidence of teenagers and adults through creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Looking at before and after photos of patient's smiles never gets old. As one who has taken a special interest in the efficiencies of Invisalign treatment for patients and doctors, he enjoys the challenge of using the latest technology to successfully treat virtually any situation. 

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Orthodontist Dr. John Archer

Dr. John Archer

While in school, Dr. Archer chose to pursue orthodontics because of the opportunity to build long-term relationships with patients, parents and dentists in the community. He enjoys working with local dentists on difficult, yet rewarding, patient cases like cleft palates and other craniofacial malformations to give patients a healthy smile and change their lives.

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Orthodontist Dr. Geoff Sparks

Dr. Geoff Sparks

Dr. Sparks is passionate about working with children and helping them grow into healthy, confident adults. He has extensively researched techniques to avoid permanent teeth extractions in growing children and has a special interest in the effects of orthodontic treatment on an individual's overall facial aesthetics.

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Orthodontist Dr. Justin Power

Dr. Justin Power

As a child who looked forward to going to the dentist, Dr. Power is especially passionate about the technical side of dentistry and the difference it can make in a patient's self-esteem. Orthodontics is rewarding for him, because it is minimally invasive to patients and patients enjoy coming to appointments. 

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Orthodontist Dr. Ryan Theobald

Dr. Ryan Theobald

Dr. Theobald loves treating patients of all ages. He enjoys influencing the lives of children as they grow and develop into an adult. Also, watching adults come out of their shell when they realize the beauty of their smile is rewarding for him. 

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