Orthodontic Patient Smile Stories

It’s no secret that orthodontic braces and Invisalign treatment change the look of your smile. In a short time, your teeth go from crooked to a beautiful, straight smile! But changing your smile can also boost your confidence and happiness for a better life! Below are stories from our patients about how a better smile impacted their lives. 

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Edmond Dad Improved Smile with Invisalign Aligner Treatment

After having braces as a teen, Edmond husband and father Isaac decided to improve his smile with Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

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Edmond teen boy after braces

Edmond teen share his experience with braces for a more confident life. 

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Edmond mom smiles with her daughter after straightening teeth

Edmond mom now enjoys "Sunday Selfies" with her 4 kids after life changing adult braces and years of being bullyied as a child. 

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Listen to Faith talk about how her confidence and self-image have changed since she got braces and what bullying was like before she got orthodontic treatment.


When Emily Pearson was is first grade, her classmates nicknamed her “beaver teeth,” because her front teeth stuck out poorly. Bravely, she would put on a smile each day and laugh with her friends, but she was deeply hurting inside.

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Adult women gets braces

"Of all the anti-aging tips I have to give, correcting your teeth is at the very top!" patient Wendy Newell said about her adult orthodontic treatment. As a busy mom of three kids under the age of 10, Wendy knew that orthodontic treatment was necessary when she did not love her smile anymore. 

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Listen to Emma talk about how braces impacted her self confidence. 


OKC Bride wears braces for her wedding

"I chose to get orthodontic treatment as an adult, because my smile means a lot to me, and I could finally afford it. I just wasn’t happy with my “old” smile. I knew straightening my teeth before my wedding would give me more self-confidence, and it was something that was beneficial to my future and health as I grow older." said Karissa. 

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OKC Teen with Down Syndrome Benefits from braces

Even though orthodontic treatment was necessary to fix Jeana’s bite and crooked teeth, Jeana's mom Debbie was apprehensive about how she might tolerate getting braces, because she has Down Syndrome.

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OKC Teen braves braces during start of singing career

It’s not often we think about performers having to get orthodontic treatment. But Olivia Kay came to Orthodontic Associates happy to have her smile perfected for future singing performances.

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Current Invisalign patient Jarrett talks about how much he likes his treatment at Orthodontic Associates so far and the results Invisalign treatment is making on his smile.


Local woman thankful for adult braces

As an adult, Ryan held off on orthodontic treatment at first, because she thought it might be too vain to get braces as an adult. But she realized that taking care of yourself, no matter how old you are, only increases your self confidence and benefits your health.

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OKC woman gets  full smile for the first time

When spinal meningitis destroyed the seeds of her front teeth at 13 months old causing her to never grow adult front teeth, Terra Close was afraid to smile growing up being the brunt of many jokes. With modern orthodontic care, Terra now has a full smile for the first time in her life. 

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Local musician thankful for braces

Local singer songwriter Gentry Counce recently came to our practice complaining of jaw pain and discomfort. Diagnosed with TMJ issues, it was difficult for her to enjoy her passion in life, singing and making music. 

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